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Danny's 1st Movie (also known as Danny City: The Movie outside of Canada, , known in Russia as Denni 1-y fil'm is a 2001 Canadian-Russian computer-animated comedy-film based on the CBC's hit TV show and the comic strip Danny City. It was distributed by Paramount Pictures (internationally), Warner Bros. Pictures and GreenyWorld Studios. In this film, Danny Guy's newest enemy, Gree Guy has a plan to destroy Danny Guy once and for all, so Danny Guy, Satin Guy, Little Guy and Dr. Beanson need to stop Gree Guy.

Danny G. had acquired the feature film based on Danny City since 1998, teaming up with Warner Bros. and GreenyWorld Studios. In 1993, the film was originally planned as a direct-to-video release under the working title was Danny City The Movie, but in 1999, the title was changed to Danny's 1st Movie (aka Danny City: The Movie outside of Canada). In addition, Bob Beanson was originally going to be the main antagonist, but was changed to Gree Guy because he was too stewpeed. The GreenyWorld Studios staff began working on the script in 1995. Geo Guy was planned to appear in this film, but he was scrapped. Gree Guy was originally meant to die in the early drafts of the film. But, Danny stated that "Gree Guy must return in the sequel." The film began animation in January 1997.

The film was released in Canada theatrically in theaters on Tuesday, August 7, 2001, August 15, 2001 in the USA and in the United Kingdom on September 15, 1996. The film was originally planned to be released theatrically in Australia, but after a very brief run in limited cinemas in May 2002, it was instead released direct-to-video on August 20, 2002. The film was released on home video on May 6, 2002. Danny's 1st Movie received very positive reviews, and was a box office hit.

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Dmitry "Danny Guy" Gavrikov, (better known as Danny Guy (Russian: Дмитрий Гавриков), is the main character of Danny City, and its spin-off Satin Guy. He is a Soviet-born King of 123 Danny City. He was born on March 20, 1989, In Moscow, to Jewish parents. Altough his russian name is Дмитрий, it could be translated as Dmitry. He once was part of the Anti-Gree City Army with a lot of Greeny Phatom characters (except Santed Sailor), as well as those from Geo's World, World of Jake, Luke City, Finley's World, Bad Piggies, and Greeny Phatom as well as the Angry Birds in Danny City the Movie 2. He is voiced by Danny G.

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"Pilot Episode" is the series premiere of Danny City. It was aired on June 5, 1993.

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